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Name:Anna Marie - Rogue

General Statistics:
Name: Anna-Marie
Codename: Rogue
Age: 29
Mutation: Rogue has the ability to absorb the memories, personality, life force, and in the case of other mutants, abilities of any person she touches. She has absolutely no control over this ability, and it is active through touch. Any portion of exposed skin that comes into contact with another person will result in transfer, and if the contact is maintained long enough, it can result in death. The transfer of memories, personality, and abilities lasts different time periods, generally in relation to how long the touch was maintained (ie: if she grazes someone, the absorption will wear off after a few moments; if she holds contact for a long period, the effects will last longer).

Her mutation has been enhanced by her contact with Ms. Marvel, Carol Danvers. After the encounter with her, Rogue has permanently maintained all the abilities Danvers had available to her, including superhuman strength, invulnerability, and flight. She is able to lift enormous objects (as large as tanks), she is invulnerable to all damage she has come into contact with to this point (fire, gunshots, physical blows), and she is able to sustain flight as long as her energy stores hold out.

Along with the extra abilities, Rogue has almost a second personality inside of her – that of Danvers. When Rogue is tired or weak, Danvers' personality will sometimes take over. Rogue has little control over this, and it has been a point of contention for her.

History: Rogue doesn't remember much of her parents; they both died before she was the age of five. She was born in Mississippi, and lived there with her aunt until the age of sixteen. She always wished she could've known her parents, convinced that they would have loved her more than her staunch aunt Carrie. The woman raised Rogue (then called Anna-Marie) in a highly restricted Baptist household, one that the girl rebelled against regularly. The nickname of Rogue came to her after many attempts to run away from home, dragged back by the local parish police officers. It was when she hit sixteen that she finally made a run for it, and no one would have been able to stop her, even if they wanted to.

She had developed a crush on a boy named Cody at school, and the two began seeing one another regularly. It was innocent enough, until Cody dared Rogue to kiss him. Not being one to back down from a dare, she did, her hormones skyrocketing and triggering her latent mutation. The simple kiss put Cody in a coma he never came out of, and Rogue was not going to stay with her aunt Carrie, who called her, 'the Devil incarnate' when the police brought her home from the hospital.

Rogue left Mississippi altogether, hitchhiking her way through the south to the Mason-Dixon. She crashed wherever she could find a place to sleep, would stay for a few weeks in small towns working odd jobs or stealing to provide for herself. Her survival instinct was strong, almost as strong as the guilt she bore for what she had done to Cody. She kept moving north, never staying anywhere longer than it took for people to question why she wore those gloves, or asked for the story of a young girl living alone; a month here, two months there, and after four years, she found herself in Philadelphia.

Her life changed, then. Disguised as an unassuming blonde in an all-night diner, Mystique took notice of the girl. The striking redhead with white streaks in her hair, huddled into a booth alone, drinking coffee. Rogue was doing her best to stay awake; she had a late night train to catch to New York. When Rogue drifted off, then waitress decided it was high time for the street urchin to stop milking that cup of coffee. Bare hand to Rogue's neck, the waitress didn't stand a chance. Rogue awoke, knocked the woman's hand away, but not before there was too much transfer. The waitress collapsed, and Mystique knew she had a new recruit for the Brotherhood.

Rogue joined the Brotherhood and found in them a family she had so long missed. Mystique was more mother figure than the girl had ever experienced, and it wasn't long before Rogue was attached. She fought along side Magneto and the rest of the team, even if she didn't agree with all the politics or thoughts of world domination – she simply wanted to stay.

It was happenstance that Rogue met up with Ms. Marvel; the woman had come for Mystique, and while Rogue was never one to shy away from a fight, the idea of anyone hurting Raven was something she wouldn't stand for. In a rare show of her grit, Rogue went on full attack – she degloved and held onto Ms. Marvel longer than she'd ever touched anyone before. The ensuing fight drained Carol Danvers so completely that she died, and Rogue maintained all of Ms. Marvel's abilities.

Not only that, she maintained Ms. Marvel herself. Rogue couldn't get the woman's voice, memories, anything, out of her head. She felt like she was going crazy, and started pulling away from the Brotherhood.

Seeing someone she cared so much about in pain, Mystique recommended to Rogue that she seek the help of Charles Xavier, the powerful telepath in New York. Rogue left the Brotherhood after much coaxing, and joined up with Xavier, facing much mistrust, as many of the team had faced off with her previously. After a long time warming up, Rogue became a valued team member, and remains with the X-Men as a teammate and teacher at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.

She currently has an on-again, off-again relationship with Gambit (where it's at is anyone's guess at any time). At this moment, it's off-again. She disappeared for a very long time, popping back up in New York with her abilities under control. Rogue traveled far and wide to find people who could help her fix her control issues with her mutation. After months of work with a powerful telepath and a cybernetic mutant found in Australia, Rogue's mind has been repaired, and she no longer poses a danger to anyone unless she wants to. She's still working on controlling the difference pieces of her abilities, separating the life draining aspect from pulling memories, personality, and abilities, but she's coming along.

Personality: Rogue is a spitfire. She doesn't take crap from anyone, and refuses to keep her mouth shut when she objects to something . She's fairly foul-mouthed, but can turn on the Southern Belle charm when she needs to. One thing she does hold high – politeness. She might curse, and she might not be the girliest of all girls all the times, but if you don't remember a 'please' or a 'thank you', she's the first to call anyone on it.

Because of her mutation, Rogue lets very few, if any, people get close to her. She's lost her parents, accidentally put someone in a coma, and hurt any other person she's touched. Those that she does let in find her to be an incredibly caring person, someone who's vulnerable beyond all reason when the walls come down. She just always expects to get hurt, or hurt someone else, so the walls are high and very thick.

She likes to give nicknames to people she's close to (and they're not always nice), but calls most everyone 'sugar'.

Disclaimer: I'm not Rogue, I'm also not Jennifer Garner, and I have nothing to do with Marvel.

Other Disclaimers:
-I don't play movie-verse Rogue. They made her lame.
-Mun and muse are both over 18.

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